LA and Bart

Bart: Once called a 'racist' for rejecting the romantic pursuit of a racial minority in his home country of Singapore, Bart has had the first hand experience of being bewildered by a socially contemporary cognitive dissonance - does the heart want what the heart wants, or is the desiring heart also an instrument of the hegemonic order? With an interest in the conceptual possibilities to be found in the tension between truth and fiction, his photogenic practice revolves around the intersections of desire, masculinities, racial politics and the comfortable smother of neoliberalism.

LA: LA is a writer studying philosophy at New York University. She's interested in transgressive art and sex and relationships, exploring and normalizing the taboo and how it influences the way we socialize. She's currently doing editorial work and living her Carrie Bradshaw fantasy in Downtown Manhattan, giving sex advice and helping to facilitate conversations around culture and art in New York.

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