Zoe and Linnea

Zoe: Within my work, my main area of interest is using performance and video art to examine gender, sexuality and identity and the multitudes they can exist in. A lot of my work draws inspiration and appropriates the visual language and imagery from classical Western art history. I embrace the theatricality of expressing gender by incorporating kitsch and religious themes. Along with theatricality, I find humour an important aspect of my work, inspired by absurdism in Internet culture. My goal is to create these “digital environments” where I, myself and all my personas can exist together.

Linnea: Linnea Langfjord Kristensen (1991) is an artist, theatre-maker, researcher, and writer from Denmark with an MA from The Royal College of Art, London. In different ways, her projects investigate the production and distribution of meaning, realities, and languages, with special attention to the ways in which narratives around “the meaningful” are embodied in everyday life.