About Us



Serving the People™ is an organization that provides a platform for creative inquiry and experimentation. 


Creative industries fostering rapidly growing commercial markets ossify a barrier between the artist and their audience. These industries have become increasingly fixed to -- even reliant upon -- a market which favors the production and proliferation of commercial art. 

The arts have become prescriptive discourses that alienate artists rather than unify them. We curate a multidisciplinary program free of commercial bias, allowing artists the freedom of expression and opportunity to engage with audiences. 


We aim to facilitate this experience through the intersection of art and culture online. Alleviating ourselves of the financial restraints and responsibilities that come with operating a physical space allows us to be more versatile in our selection process. 


We believe the arts are essential to the human experience and understand the importance of fostering a healthy creative environment for them to flourish. Serving the People™ acknowledges the effects digital connectivity has on this experience and the rapidly evolving world we live in today. 

Serving the People™ is a non-profit 501(c)(3).