Zack and Yage

Yage: My approach to painting is to capture a sense of time, oriented by the idea of “moment”. A slice of time that holds the transition from one state to its counterpart. From stillness to movement, presence to void, from connected to disconnected… The undefined state enthralls me.

Zack: Zack Davey is a multimedia artist whose work attempts to draw connections between seemingly disconnected camps, such as glitch and ruins, nihilism and consumerism, and absurdism and indifference. Prior to art school, he studied jazz drumming and uses structures of free jazz and atonal harmony in his work. Zack is a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, having studied in the departments of painting, theory and history of art and design, and computation, technology, and culture.

Yage for Zack: 

Zack for Yage: